24 Sep

Nebraska vs. #2 Michigan

We will have a watch party this Saturday for the 3:30 pm game against Number 2 Michigan. Although we are huge underdogs, let’s have a great showing! Likely to have sound for game and possibly the stage if we can get enough fans! (OSU on a bye). Let me know if you will be attending so I can reserve our spots.


Ron Barker

10 Sep

Nebraska vs. Northern Illinois

Home Opener under the lights!

Nebraska comes home to open the season against the Northern Illinois Huskies.

What is there to say that hasn’t been said about the curse of the turn overs.

Can Matt Rhule and the team break the curse? Keep the faith!

Watch Party details to come.

Go Big Red!!!

4 Sep

Nebraska Heads to Colorado

The Husker Defense will need to bring their best this weekend as the Huskers travel West to take on their one time rival Colorado Buffalos.

It was nice to see the defense hitting hard and no stopping against Minnesota. Despite turnovers and a fumble or two, it was a good game. Once again, a one score loss in the final seconds. That victory shot was so close, I could almost taste it.

Kick-Off at noon on Saturday. Watch for Watch Party details to come.

Go Big Red

16 Oct

Nebraska vs. Illinois

A bi-week to recover from the heartbreaker at Purdue.

The Huskers host Illinois on October 29th. Watch party details to come…

8 Oct

Nebraska At Purdue

A nail-biter in New Jersey as the Huskers defeat Rutgers 14 to 13. Finally, a single score victory that goes the Husker’s way! Second win in a row, first time that has happened since 2018. Wow!!!!

The next watch party will be on Saturday, October 15th for the night game at Purdue. Stay tuned for details.

2 Oct

Nebraska At Rutgers

Friday Night Lights!!!

The Huskers travel to the birthplace of college football to take on Rutgers.

After a crazy win at home against Indiana, the Big Red hope to bring that same hard hitting attitude to New Jersey.

16 Sep

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma

Game 4 is Frost Free!

Mixed opinions all around about the change from Frost during the season, yet hope springs eternal that former Husker standout Mickey Joseph can re-spark the magic and turn things around as the interim head coach.

We will be having a watch party at Winking Lizard in Lakewood for the game against Oklahoma at noon on Saturday! Big shout out to Lauren Andrews who has agreed to host! She used to be in leadership at the Kansas City Husker group. I will inform the manager(Jimmy) to expect about 10 to 12 and he will make sure we have our normal spots. Since OSU does not play until the evening we may be able to have sound, however with Michigan and Penn State at same time it may be iffy. Her email is Lauren.andrews@huskers.unl.com and phone number 308-293-3557 if you needed to reach her for any reason. A few people indicated that they will be there a little later due to other conflicts. Let’s show up and root on this new era of Huskers!

Go Big Red!

10 Sep

Nebraska vs. Georgia Southern

A night under the lights as the Huskers host the Georgia Southern Eagles!

Can the Huskers make win number two at home under the lights?

No formal watch party this weekend for Nebraska vs. Georgia Southern. If you are going out to watch somewhere, feel free to post so others can join!
Hope to resume for Oklahoma game next week at noon.
Go Big Red!!!