12 Nov

Nebraska At Wisconsin

Another 1 score loss for the Huskers. Two more chances for that magic Six wins and bowl game eligibility.

Huskers at Wisconsin on Saturday under the lights.

The Huskers keep trying for bowl elegibility and Husker fans are praying for any post season appearance, any bowl!!!

Going to have the watch party again at Goldhorn Brewery this Saturday for the 7:30 pm game against Wisconsin.

Goldhorn Brewery , 1361 E. 55th Street in Cleveland!

Good turn out last weekend with 15 fans! Kickoff is at 7:30pm with coverage starting at 7pm.

Hope to see you there to keep cheering for the Huskers.

Go Big Red!!!

4 Nov

Nebraska Hosts Maryland

Nebraska hosts Maryland Watch Party

Goldhorn Brewery , 1361 E. 55th Street in Cleveland

Husker fans,

Unfortunate result against Michigan State but let’s recover and beat Maryland this week. Even though the Maryland game is on a streaming only platform – (Peacock) we are going to be able to have a watch party for the noon game against Maryland. We will be in the same room as prior watch parties at Goldhorm. The brewery GM will open the doors about 11:45 (normally noon). In order to get an accurate count, please let me and Jay Urban, Jayurban@live.com, know by end of day on Thursday. Let’s pack Goldhorn!

Go Big Red!!!

Ron Barker


24 Sep

Nebraska vs. #2 Michigan

We will have a watch party this Saturday for the 3:30 pm game against Number 2 Michigan. Although we are huge underdogs, let’s have a great showing! Likely to have sound for game and possibly the stage if we can get enough fans! (OSU on a bye). Let me know if you will be attending so I can reserve our spots.


Ron Barker

10 Sep

Nebraska vs. Northern Illinois

Home Opener under the lights!

Nebraska comes home to open the season against the Northern Illinois Huskies.

What is there to say that hasn’t been said about the curse of the turn overs.

Can Matt Rhule and the team break the curse? Keep the faith!

Watch Party details to come.

Go Big Red!!!

4 Sep

Nebraska Heads to Colorado

The Husker Defense will need to bring their best this weekend as the Huskers travel West to take on their one time rival Colorado Buffalos.

It was nice to see the defense hitting hard and no stopping against Minnesota. Despite turnovers and a fumble or two, it was a good game. Once again, a one score loss in the final seconds. That victory shot was so close, I could almost taste it.

Kick-Off at noon on Saturday. Watch for Watch Party details to come.

Go Big Red